FX May Be The Ones To Finally Adapt 'Y: The Last Man'

Brian K Vaughn's 'Y: The Last Man' has been one of those long-gestating hollywood projects that has kept enough hope alive for several years that fans have been waiting anxiously for some concrete news on production starting. This has included New Line acquiring the film rights in 2007 and putting together a team to develop including David S Goyer, DJ Caruso and Shia LaBeouf, but this fell apart when the powers that be and the creatives couldn't agree on the number of films and the direction the project should take. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is breaking news that FX is now developing this property as an ongoing series with Brian K Vaughn on board. 

This project is in the early stages so not much is known as no additional writers have been hired and there are currently no names being tossed around for the director(s) position(s). Even though this has not been ordered for a complete season there is still reason to be excited. FX has been doing well for the last few years with a few successful shows but they are looking to close the gap with their competitor AMC and the tear they have been on over the last few years of crushing ratings. FX has never shied away from tackling difficult stories and they are also completely ready to throw a decently sized budget at a project if it warrants it. 

'Y: The Last Man' follows the story of Yorick Brown and his Capuchin companion Ampersand, the only surviving males on Earth after an event wipes out every mammal with the wrong chromosomal combination. This duo travels great distances with the aid of a woman called Agent 355 as they look to discover the cause of this event while avoiding some pretty interesting hurdles along the way. 

As soon as more information on this project's development is available we will follow up here. After many years of being in limbo it's great to see some actual progress with this property's adaptation as it is ready for a screen adaptation and will likely be much better suited as a television series given the sprawling 60-issue source material.