'Furious 8' Has Found The Captain Of Its Ship With F. Gary Gray Being Hired As Director

The Fast and the Furious franchise has gone from being nothing more than a 'Point Break' ripoff/homage to a multi-billion dollar franchise that resembles a superhero universe more closely than one about auto racing. With seven installments having box office takes ranging from respectable to holy-shit-how-much?! amounts of money the director's seat for Furious 8 was a highly coveted one and one that Universal surely wasn't taking lightly. This search has ended with F. Gary Gray having confirmed through Facebook that he has taken the job. 

This news was teased earlier with Vin Diesel posting a picture of himself and Gray together on Facebook but with no caption we all had to just assume what this meant. We can all stop making asses out of one another now. This newly found relationship makes sense with Gray coming off of the critical and financial success of 'Straight Outta Compton' which was distributed by Universal, and he is a director who has guided action movies in the past with 'The Negotiator', 'The Italian Job' and to some extent 'Law Abiding Citizen'. 

With a current release date of April 2017, production will likely start very soon given the assumed size of this picture. There have been rumors of the franchise moving back to a smaller scale and even mentions of a soft-reset of sorts taking place in the next installment. Only time will tell but this has certainly piqued my interest a little more for this upcoming actioner.