Warner Bros. May Have Found Their New 'The Flash' Director In Seth Grahme-Smith

Warner Bros is attempting to play catch up with Marvel and Fox and their massive superhero movie universes with their own cinematic universe filled with famous Justice League characters. This was kicked off with Man of Steel and will continue with next year's Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. With release dates and surely a broad plan for each film through 2020, WB is now filling in the roles of screenwriter and director for each film. 

Deadline is reporting that novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahme-Smith is being tapped for both writing and directing duties for the upcoming scarlet speedster movie, 'The Flash'. This is interesting for a couple reasons including the fact that it was reported previously that WB was looking at Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie) to helm this adaptation in a serious way. If you add this with Seth Grahme-Smith having zero directorial experience on any feature film, it makes for an interesting choice by WB to say the least. 

Grahme-Smith has some experience with screenwriting having adapted his own novel 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' as well as writing Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'. With other novels including 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' as well as some TV scripts under his belt, I have some confidence that he will be able to churn out a decent script at least but the directorial position leaves me more than worried. I truly doubt that WB will produce a superhero movie for under 100 million dollars which is a lot to handle for any director, let alone a first-timer. This makes it look as if WB has taken some cues from Marvel in their hiring practice as they have lately been hiring young indie talents in what I see as an attempt to bring in directors they can control and shape. WB would definitely be taking this to the extreme with this choice and it may make for a movie directed by producers and execs more than Grahme-Smith.

We won't know for quite some time how this works out as 'The Flash' is currently scheduled for 2018. There is plenty of time for Grahme--Smith to read Directing for Dummies or maybe WB will change their minds yet again. Who knows...