Check Out This 'Civil War' Trailer Breakdown From Mr Sunday Movies!!!

While we may not have been as quick as the rest of the internet in getting the 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer posted here, not many are as quick as the always insightful and hilarious Mr. Sunday Movies in breaking this thing down frame by frame. And as always, Mr Sunday not only flexes his nerd cred here, but he does so with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled throughout. 

After watching this trailer several times myself at this point, some of my biggest takeaways are the addition of Scarlet Witch's flying abilities, the possible death of War Machine and finally seeing William Hurt return as Thunderbolt Ross. All of this along with the addition of Black Panther and promise of an all out brawl leaves me with plenty a goosebump for sure. 

Luckily fans of blockbusters have a wee little film called Star Wars and a VS movie with a couple of up and coming super heroes to hold them over between now and May. Fans of everything else have the oscar-bait fare to look forward to from now throughout the end of January as these often smaller films will be trickling their way onto our screens in the coming weeks. What are your biggest takeaways from this upcoming Marvel Flick? Feel free to shout about it in the comments below.