Millions Of Atheists Around The World Switch Sides With News Of A 'Tremors' Television Series Starring Kevin Bacon

'Tremors' has maintained a cult-like status since its initial release 25 years ago and has spawned  four sequels and a failed television series before with the now re-titled SciFi network. Kevin Bacon is reportedly involved in this series as both an actor and executive producer with the backing of Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions. The latter of those production houses is truly a cause for celebration as they are known for their low budget productions that allow for more creative control from the artists involved. 

There currently is no home for this show that will undoubtedly be magnificent but Entertainment Weekly is reporting that there are "multiple bidders" looking into this at the moment. With the rising popularity of original series on streaming platforms and the increase in genre entertainment on network television I have the utmost faith that audiences will see this series someday. My young, genre-loving heart hopes that day is much much sooner rather than later as this was one of my favorite movies growing up and I have even found enjoyment in the direct-to-video followups over the years. 

With Kevin Bacon now at a point in his career where television is a more promising platform for his talents and his expressing interest in returning to this world earlier this year, there is enough excitement being backed by the right kind of money for fans to be giddy right now. Is it too little too late for this property or is the moment right to revisit this underground graboids on the little screen? Share your thoughts below.