Christmas Has Come Early, 'Samurai Jack' Is Returning To Television In 2016!!!

There's not much to say here other than the headline. Adult Swim has announced today that the decade long absence of new 'Samurai Jack' episodes will end in 2016. An announcement teaser and poster are the only other things released. Genndy Tartakovsky will return as an executive producer so any fears that this won't be the show we've all been missing should be washed away immediately. 

This fantastic series follows Jack, a samurai (duh!) who is transported through time to and gets into some pretty wild shenanigans on his way to defeating Aku, a shape-shifting demon thing of sorts that always narrowly escapes Jack's blade before returning to be an all around dickhead later on. This show blended a unique animation style, eastern storytelling, science fiction and content that pushed the bounds of children's entertainment. My excitement cannot be expressed in words that this is real.