Tom Hiddleston Has Transformed In The First Trailer For Hank Williams Biopic 'I Saw The Light'

Tom Hiddleston saw his star power rise significantly when cast as the villain in 'Thor' and has balanced comic book blockbuster fare and smaller indie flicks quite well since. His upcoming foray in one of the latter is the upcoming 'I Saw the Light'. This biopic on the late, great country crooner Hank Williams both written and directed by Marc Abraham whose only other directing credit is the under-seen 2008 film 'Stroke of Genius'. Elizabeth Olsen, David Krumholtz, Bradley Whitford and Cherry Jones will round out the main cast of this flick with Olsen playing Williams wife Audry Mae.

From the looks of this first trailer Abraham and his team aren't trying to whitewash Williams' life as we get a glance at his struggles with drinking and infidelity before we're even in the theater. This is a problem with many biopics caused by either the creative teams appreciation for the real life person they're covering or by request of the family who may or may not own the life rights to said person. My being a fan of touching on the darker corners of peoples' lives doesn't mean I want to see anyone's legacy destroyed, rather I'm a fan of accurate storytelling. Show the good with the bad, ya dig? 

With the impressive performances we have seen in recent years from Hiddleston and Olsen combined with the rich material that they are pulling from, 'I Saw the Light' should be something to keep an eye out for for anyone who appreciates some smaller fare in the theater. We'll know for certain how this all shapes up on March 26, 2016 which means that this may not be quite up to Oscar snuff which I find hard to believe with these kinds of talents involved.