The Latest 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Trailer Brings The Ruckus And Reveals

Wow! Just wow... Also, maybe spoilers below if you think trailers are spoilers like a child. 

Marvel somewhat surprised everyone last week when they released the 'Civil War' trailer to much acclaim and many a youtube view and not to be beaten, Warner Bros. has decided to one up them with their latest 'B V S' trailer and boy did they do just that. My general DC comics bias is negated in the cinematic world as I will admit that Marvel has done a better job on the whole of delivering the goods to the silver screen so let's toss that out up top. 

This trailer is bananas. We get Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne throwing words at one another at what appears to be a Lex Luthor-thrown party. We all know there ain't no party like a Luthor party 'cuz a Luthor party don't... I don't know. We get a brief glimpse at Luthor's personality here as an awkward billionaire who will be the catalyst for the ultimate third act showdown, but more on that in a second. Wayne throws some shade at Kent in regards to his honest opinion about the big blue boy scout after Kent calls out the "bat vigilante" and boy is this whole exchange passive-aggressive as hell! No worries everyone, we see some physical brawling from these two juggernauts as well, not just the talky stuff and this looks even more incredible than it did in the first trailer. 

The action on display here looks polished and fitting for the characters. Not only do we get the titular characters but there's an even better glimpse of Wonder Woman here as well. She jumps in to save ol' Batman from the third act nemesis who turns out to be... Doomsday!!! Side Note: I called this one totally. The setup and all. Just saying. 

Doomsday appears to be the creation of Lex Luthor after messing with General Zod's dead body in what appears to be an attempt to take out Superman or Batman since they haven't killed each other off. This will give some serious villian-cred to Luthor who has never been a physically imposing character on his own. This Doomsday design looks faithful enough to the comics that fanboys shouldn't freak out but original enough that it allows for an interpretation that I can get behind. When the trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are standing side by side by side ready to take this behemoth on, I got chills. Serious chills. This is a real movie that is happening in just a few short months and I'm now more excited about this than any other upcoming superhero flick. 

This trailer isn't entirely a knockout though as the brief bits of humor on display didn't land quite perfectly with me. Humor can be difficult to display out of context even for comedies let alone comic book epics so I'll hold my final judgement until March. 'B V S' hits theaters on March 25th, 2016 which is just before next year's huge summer season kicks off. Sound off below on how this trailer makes you FEEL.