The Latest Potential 'Black Panther' Director Is The Most Exciting Name Yet...

There have been a lot of names thrown into the rumor mill in connection to Marvel's upcoming 'Black Panther' including F. Gary Gray and Ava DuVarnay but no one has signed on the dotted line for the coveted gig quite yet. This hire will be doubly important for the folks at Marvel since they not only need to hire a talented director that can deliver a successful movie that fits into their well-developed if not somewhat monotonous mold, but they also need to address the lack of diversity that both their characters and crew have bee exhibiting over the last 8 years or so. 

The latest name thrown into this ever-churning rumor mill is coming from the always awesome Devin Faraci over at Birth. Movies. Death. as he reports that Ryan Coogler is in close talks with Marvel to direct the upcoming blockbuster about the Wakandan warrior. He is citing "sources close to the negotiations" which is the usual jargon that these rumors always bring with them, but Faraci isn't one to run his mouth with lies that often. Opinions on the other hand, well, that's another story. 

If this turns out to be true it will be the most inspired director choice Marvel has made since Edgar Wright, and hopefully this one makes it all the way to the theater. Coming off the critical and financial success of 'Creed' which followed the equally as lauded 'Fruitvale Station' Coogler is no doubt a hot commodity that is being sought after by everyone at the moment. Coogler showcased a different side of his talents with 'Creed' including a visual flair and attention to detail that he didn't quite have nailed down with 'Station'. A superhero flick like this would still be something markedly different from his previous films but Marvel tends to give their directors the tools they need as long as they play nice in their sandbox. 

We will report here as soon as a final decision is made for this position and hopefully that comes soon. Who are some of your picks? Is Coogler the one or should the hunt continue? Sound off below but I see no reason for anyone to think this is anything other than brilliant.