The First Trailer For 'The Legend of Tarzan' Shows Off Sam Jackson, Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard's Abs, Strangely Lacks Phil Collins

Right about now I'm sure the good folks over at the ol' Warner Bros. lot are hoping for a much better 2016 than they had 2015 in regards to box office performance. The studio had movies like 'Pan', 'The Man From UNCLE' and 'Jupiter Ascending' this year that all fell short of their box office expectations with two them falling incredibly short. They're hoping to turn this around in 2016 with 'Batman V Superman' in March and the first trailer from its 2016 brother, 'The Legend of Tarzan' shows enough promise that this just may happen. 

This upcoming flick will be directed by David Yates, a long time friend of WB, who will be working with a script penned by Craig Brewer, Stuart Beattie and Adam Cozad. Yates is a splendid choice for a property like this not only because of his long-standing relationship with the studio after working on the Harry Potter films, but also his proven talent for balancing a somewhat dark tone with a four-quadrant approach that can appeal to all moviegoers. On the writing side Beattie is a natural choice after working on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films while the other two are less sensical. Cozad has no other writing credits to his name save for the failed Chris Pine 'Jack Ryan' film and Brewer is best known for working on 'Hustle and Flow' and 'Black Snake Moan'. These latter two films are far from what I expect we will be seeing this upcoming summer. 

This trailer shows off some of the cast including the folks mentioned above plus Christoph Waltz and Djimon Hounsou. There appears to be a healthy amount of CGI here filling in both the spaces of the jungle where Tarzan is raised and filling them with plenty of jungle creatures for him to grow up alongside. From the looks of this trailer we will see Tarzan meet some white-faced folks for the first time before being taken back to the more civilized world with Waltz and Robbie's characters. The visuals here are enough for me to be intrigued if not a little worried. There have been rumors of this production hitting some rough waters once post-production was reached as Yates is currently working on 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' which leaves seemingly no one in control of this ship as it heads for the coast. None of this has been proven and I personally hope it is all false as this first glimpse has given me something to look forward to in what may be a stacked summer movie season. 

With talented actors both young and old on the screen and intriguing talents working behind it, Yates will hopefully have all of the tools he needs to crank out a successful live-action interpretation of the story we all know Phil Collins songs from now. We'll know for sure on July 1st when this hits screens wide.