Batman V Superman Comic Con Trailer Delivers the Goods

The annual shit show human corral festival that is San Diego Comic Con is going on this weekend so there has been no shortage of news dropping in the world of all things nerdy. One of the most exciting tidbits that dropped this weekend was the reveal of the full trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. A couple of months back we were treated with a teaser trailer that set up the tone for the film nicely but gave very little away in the way of plot or character reveals. 

This full trailer delivers in spades with plenty of glimpses of Supes, Batman and FINALLY, Wonder Woman. We see how Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is connected to the events of Man of Steel which appears to be the catalyst for the V in this movie's title. We are also given our first look at Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, complete with terrible blonde wig. With just enough action to not spoil anything and give us a taste of what the big fight between the titular characters will look like this trailer is as perfect as you can be. I would honestly be satisfied if we saw no other looks at this movie until it actually hits theaters next year but this likely won't happen. 

Check out the trailer and feel free to share your thoughts on this movie.