Fear the Walking Dead Looks to Examine Zombies on the West Coast

The success of AMC's The Walking Dead cannot be denied with five seasons under their belts and many ratings records throughout. AMC looks to capitalize on this success and expand their story universe with the upcoming spin off Fear the Walking Dead. 

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will serve as an executive producer and writer to hopefully develop parity between the two series. Fear the Walking dead will star Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis as a couple in Los Angeles who are navigating the beginning of the zombie outbreak with their two children. 

This trailer immediately showcases the increased budget and production value over the Walking Dead. Massive sets with hundreds of extras depicting riots and panic as zombies start attacking the living are on display here and sets a pretty interesting visual tone that still doesn't seem to far off of the original show. This trailer was played pretty close to the chest as this series premieres on August 23rd. With a six episode first season we'll know soon enough if the success of The Walking Dead will lend some goodwill to its new little brother and hopefully it can improve on areas that the original series has lacked. Check out the trailer and share your thoughts.