First Trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead Delivers the Gore and Nails Tone

I was somewhat skeptical of the idea when I heard there was going to be an Ash tv show set in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness universe but slowly came around after hearing Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's involvement. The first trailer was let loose this weekend at Comic Con and appears to nail the tone of the previous films while adding some new flavor. 

Bruce Campbell returns to his fantastic role of Ash this fall when the Starz show premieres and is serving as an executive produce along with Sam Raimi. This news piqued my attention since I do trust Mr. Raimi with most properties but especially his own brainchild. This crew has added some new folks to the cast including Lucy Lawless and some other lesser known actors. 

The trailer gives us a look at the story as the Necronomicon has somehow unleashed some more spirits, ghouls and creepies that Ash has to take down with the help of some new friends. The gore in this trailer was a little surprising given that this is our first look but it is more than welcome. The Evil Dead franchise has always been over the top with its antics and the bloodshed and this series appears to continue this trend. We'll get to see how the final product turns out when the series premieres this Halloween on Starz.