Tarsem Singh to Direct 10 Episode Oz Series 'Emerald City' for NBC

Emerald City has already gone through some tumultuous times having been cancelled and now re-developed for a straight to series order on NBC. This dark take on the Wizard of Oz story has been described as a much darker look into the world of Oz following 20 year old Dorothy Gale and a K9 police dog as they are thrown into an alternate world after being hit by a tornado. This strange sounding tale has reportedly found the captain to its ship in the visually-oriented director Tarsem Singh with the news coming from the Writer/Executive Producer David Schulner. 

Tarsem has been around for quite a while having directed such visual spectacles as Immortals, The Cell, Self/Less and most notably The Fall which is likely his crowning achievement. While Tarsem may not be tickling the funny bones of critics lately I'm personally a fan of his style and have found something enjoyable in each of his works I've seen to date. With an interesting concept to work with I look forward to seeing what he can come up with although I'm not as certain from a writing standpoint. Schulner isn't necessarily a newcomer to the television writing world having scripted nearly 60 episodes of various shows over the last decade which is hopefully enough time to find a voice and style that can tackle this story with a unique and interesting flair. 

No release date is currently set for this series but stay tuned for news to come. The pipeline that is news on the series should open up in the coming months and any updates can be found here.