'Joy' Trailer Reuintes a Familiar Team With Director David O. Russell

The first trailer for David O. Russell's latest film 'Joy' has dropped and looks to continue the streak of Oscar nominations Russell has going when it's released this Christmas. The IMDB synopsis for 'Joy' is listed as " ". 

This film will reunite frequent Russell collaborators Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro who have certainly churned out some impressive work together when sharing the screen under Russell's guidance. This film will add the fantastic Virginia Madsen and under-utilized Edgar Ramirez among many many others to the rather large cast. 

The short and vague trailer does a fantastic job of establishing tone and showing us the faces we will be watching for a couple of hours come this Christmas without giving away too much of the story or plot points. As it played out, I couldn't help but think of other filmmakers and their "classic" films, especially Goodfellas, which I also got a little bit from American Hustle. This does appear to have an almost other-worldly or surreal feel with certain set pieces appearing to take place within dream sequences or hallucinations without going overboard. I enjoy Russell most when he's tackling drama or teetering on the edge of absurd and hopefully we can see some of each in his upcoming film. 

We can certainly see how it plays out this Christmas and don't be too surprised to see the name 'Joy' pop up several times when Mr. Oscar shouts out his picks for the year of 2015. Check out the trailer below and feel free to share your thoughts.