The Last Starfighter to Return to Audiences... on TV With Original Writer Returning

The Last Starfighter can be argued as an important film when it was released in 1984 with its innovative special effects and has been a landmark in the Sci-Fi genre since with a rather large cult following. Jonathan Betuel, the writer of the original is returning to develop a television series based on the property that sounds more like a serialized space-cop drama than a Sci-Fi epic spread out on audiences televisions. Betuel has described the show as being about "instilling a moral code" according to an article by Variety

The most interesting part about this story is that Betuel has teamed up with a Los Angeles tech company called Surreal to develop a Virtual Reality-based component to the new show that will hopefully extend the world that the show takes place in into audiences' homes. This could be used to turn one's head to explore the inside of a cockpit or to look around while in the middle of an intergalactic space-fight. This is definitely a novel idea and unlike anything else on the small screen during our current television renaissance and I wish them the best of luck in this original endeavor. 

This new series is currently without a home and has no projected premiere date to boot but is in active development by the previously mentioned team. As a pretty big fan of the original I am beyond intrigued by this concept and will anxiously await future developments. Check back here for more information as it is available.