First Teaser Released for The X Files' Upcoming Season

An X Files return was announced officially earlier this year and was met with uproarious applause digitally on the interweb as nerds and fanboys shouted from their keyboards that this was the greatest or worst thing to ever happen. Regardless of how any of us feel about it (I love this!) Scully and Mulder will return to the small screen this coming January with Chris Carter returning to lead the team into the weird and other-worldly. 

Little is known of this revival mini-series other than David Duchovny and Gillan Anderson are returning to reprise their roles and we will be treated to six episodes when this airs. Sadly Robert Patrick is not mentioned in any of the press materials. My condolences go out to all of you Doggett fans. 

This teaser does nothing more than help me Believe that this is actually happening. Coming in under 20 seconds total, little is shown in the way of story or plot and merely proves this shows existence and hopefully squelches the concerns of any fans who are worried that the tone is not matching the original series. We will all see in 2016 how this turns out and I personally can't wait. As more information and footage is released you can find it here!