HBO's 'The Brink' Renewed for a Second Season

HBO introduced two new series to their summer line up this year in the way of 'Ballers' and 'The Brink'. The former is a series set in the world of professional sports lead by Dwayne Johnson and has already been picked up for a sophomore outing and now has its time slot brethren joining it. 

'The Brink' stars Tim Robbins, Jack Black and Pablo Schreiber as three employees of the Federal Government in vastly different positions who are trying to prevent World War III. The comedy series was developed by Kim and Roberto Benabib who serve as executive producers and will likely do so for the second season as well.

This show really didn't do much for in the pilot that pulled me back in for any subsequent episodes (but I'm still watching True Detective for some reason..?) but I will definitely need to play catch up now to see what HBO and the millions of viewers see in this show. With a borderline absurd premise and even more absurd characters inhabiting this world, it may just be something that wasn't designed with my viewing style in mind which is quite alright. There have been plenty of shows that take a while to get their legs under them and perhaps this is the same category. We'll have to see where this season's finale leaves this batch of bafoons and then start speculating on the second time around right after.