Pixar's Upcoming The Good Dinosaur Releases a Gorgeous First Trailer

The Good Dinosaur has had no shortage of production issues since it was announced all the way back in June of 2011 including writer changes, a new director and an almost entirely new cast with the exception of Frances McNormand. All of this isn't to say that this won't be another amazing outing from Pixar and shoot, how mad can you be when you're getting two Pixar joints in one year because of it?! This actually lead to the first year we hadn't seen a Pixar movie since 2003, leaving a gap in 2014. 

The Good Dinosaur (TGD) will take place in a world where dinosaurs were never wiped out and they now coexist with humans. A young Apatosaurus named Arlo winds up befriending a human boy before they both take off on an adventure together that leads to confronting one's own fears and growth in the third act I'm sure. This isn't me knocking the plot at all, I'm just sure it will happen. When has Pixar ever really dropped the ball? (Brave maybe?)

The last couple weeks have seen the introductions of some pretty fantastic trailers and footage and TGD keeps this streak alive for sure. The most striking element of this footage is the jarring gap between the photo-realistic world that has been animated here and the cartoonish, more Pixar-like art style of the characters themselves. It's an interesting choice for sure and I cannot wait to see how this plays out over a feature length. This leads to some visually arresting landscapes with character introductions sewn in for good measure but stays light on the plot. Perfect! Yet another trend I hope to see stay alive. 

There appears to be something here for everyone as is usually the case with Pixar and we will be able to say for sure on November 25th when TGD is released. What are your thoughts? Is this too much Pixar in one year or is such a thing even possible?