Warner Bros. Hires Rob McElhenney From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to Direct the Minecraft Movie

The feature length movie based on the popular Mojang game Minecraft has been in development for some time now and even had Shawn Levy officially hired on as director as recently as last October but has a new director at the helm now. Mojang has confirmed on their official site that Rob McElhenney is now their official director for this big-budget adaptation(?). McElhenney is undoubtedly best known for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia where he has served as creator/director/writer/star for the last ten seasons and will presumably do so for the 11th and 12th. 

This may seem strange to some as Shawn Levy has been around for a little while and been the driving force behind some financially successful movies in the past, most notable among them being the Night at the Museum franchise and he certainly has more experience in this area than McElhenney. The It's Always Sunny star only has three episodes of his own show and an unreleased pilot for a series titled Pariah in the bag for directing credits but has apparently shown Mojang and Warner Bros. something solid enough to justify instilling confidence in him. 

No writers or plot have been announced for this movie and a release date is just as in the dark accordingly. The game it shall be based on is an open world game where players use pixelated blocks to build worlds and structures to their hearts desire which leaves it about as open for story ideas as the Lego Movie was when it was in the early stages. Legendary has also signed the director on for a family action/thriller that he will write and direct after wowing studio execs with his pitch and concept reel as reported by Deadline previously. Check back here for more info as it makes itself available. This should be an interesting one to watch regardless of whether its successful or goes down in flames.