Here's When You Will See the First Deadpool Trailer!

Deadpool released a trailer at Comic Con that was later leaked online but Fox unfortunately did not follow Warner Brothers' example by releasing it in HD. This tragedy will soon be remedied as we now have an official premiere date for Deadpool's first red-band full length trailer. 

Conan O'Brien's Team Coco website confirms that Ryan Reynolds will be a guest on the upcoming August 4th episode and he is bringing the first trailer with him. There's also a mention of filling Reynolds' dressing room with chimichangas showing that someone on Team Coco gets the idea here. 

It will surely be interesting to see how this red-band trailer plays out as I have seen the leaked footage and there's no shortage of language violence and blood. Regardless, I can't wait for this to be official and hopefully Fox can get the hype train started early to bring in some box office dollars. Given the developmental-hell this movie has gone through it would be a shame to see a dud when it's released next year as I'd like to see Reynolds play this character forever. 

We'll see for sure next week what people think about this movie and feel free to jump back here to share your thoughts after.