Catch A Glimpse of the "Same Chair, Different Ass" In Teaser For 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah'

Now that Jon Stewart is officially done as the host of 'The Daily Show' and Comedy Central has payed their respects and said their thank yous, promotion of 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' is going to start ramping up in preparation for its September 28th premiere. A teaser has been released for his debut as the third host of CC's long-running satirically political news show and it shows off a new attitude that Jon Stewart didn't necessarily bring. 

With Kanye West's 'POWER' providing the backbone to this teaser, we are immediately given a different tone and attitude than the past several years. This plus a fresh face with a better fitting suit lets audiences know that they are going to be seeing a somewhat different if not familiar show this fall when the new host debuts. 

Fan's of Trevor Noah's stand-up will be familiar with his intelligent and unique takes on many issues that he can deliver with a sharp tongue and comedic flair. These traits when paired with a natural charisma make him a valid successor to Jon Stewart, at least on paper. We won't truly know for a few more weeks but I for one am quite excited. What are your thoughts? Do you think Jon Stewart is irreplaceable or is it time for the show to change with its new host? Sound off here and tune in after the premiere for thoughts on the new host.