'Victor Frankenstein' Has Released Its First Trailer, Shows Off Humor, Action And A New Take

A new take on the tale of Victor Frankenstein and his monster that is created with the help of his assistant Igor is coming out this November and we now have a trailer. Paul McGuigan is the man in the director's chair for this outing and is working with a script penned by Max Landis, the name that has me the most excited out of everyone involved with this movie. With a release date of November 25th, it is oddly placed in the season of Oscar-bait films but I don't get the sense that this team is gunning for any such accolades with the upcoming actioner. 

This version of this story appears to have a slightly original tone with some humor peppered throughout this brief trailer and what appears to be some pretty standard blockbuster-style action sequences. More intriguing than either of these elements is the cast with James McAvoy playing Dr. Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe playing Igor. Radcliffe is still trying to find his way in a post-Harry Potter world in my opinion but has been churning out solid performances ever since playing the chosen one including the criminally underseen 'Horns' from back in 2013. As for McAvoy, he has yet to disappoint me yet and has even helped salvage otherwise lackluster movies in the past, bits of 'Trance' Included. 

One worry I have is that many movies of this ilk have trouble not playing out as a generic Van Helsing ripoff with 'Penny Dreadful' avoiding this with a more grounded take. We will know for sure this fall how this all plays out and hopefully the end result is something more than a forgettable blockbuster released in the wrong season. With a talent like Landis in charge of the script and the man who brought us 'Wicker Park' and 'Lucky Number Slevin' pulling the strings, hopefully 'Victor Frankenstein' can equal the sum of its parts when released.