The First Official Red-Band 'Deadpool' Trailer Is Here And It Is Incredible!

Last week it was reported that 'Deadpool' would see a first trailer released last night on Conan O'Brien and sure enough Fox followed through. The First official red-band trailer was shown on O'Brien and then released online right after. This is the same footage that screened at comic-con as far as I can see and it is even more glorious in all its HD, non shaky-cam crispness. As the red-band moniker usually means, this trailer is NSFW so click play at your own discression. 

Absolutely fantastic, right?! I cannot wait to see this play out in a feature length movie. This trailer appears to nail the tone of Deadpool as much as possible on the big screen and Reynolds looks fantastic here in this role. Add to this all of the gore and violence that you can tease in under three minutes and this makes for a trailer that should wet the appetites of fans and may even bring in some outsiders who appreciate the action genre as a whole. It remains to be seen if this movie can transcend the fanboy territory and break into the mainstream as much as an R-rated action movie can, but here's to hoping. 

With Fox breaking into the shared-universe-business in an even bigger way with this weekend's 'Fantastic Four' with 'Deadpool' and 'Gambit' next year, the merc with a mouth is truly the most intriguing character to share the same space as the X-Men that we are already familiar with. While Reynolds wasn't the problem the last time we saw Wade Wilson on the big screen. everything else about that movie is being scrapped and director Tim Miller is looking to right the wrongs made by his predecessors this February when 'Deadpool' gets a wide release.