'Shooter' Is Coming To USA Network This Fall Starring Ryan Phillippe

Mark Wahlberg was the first to portray Bob Lee Swagger in the Antoine Fuqua-directed 'Shooter', originally released in 2007 as an adaptation of Stephen Hunter's 'Point of Impact'. Well, someone apparently thinks the world hasn't seen enough of Mr. Swagger as USA Network has ordered a series pilot for another adaptation of this story and Ryan Phillippe is set to star. 

Mark Wahlberg will return to this story as a producer only this time around and has spoken encouraging words of Phillippe starring. having said "I love the character of Bob Lee Swagger and we are thrilled to have Ryan on board for the show". Phillippe is a known name if not an A-Lister who certainly has the chops to pull this role off having starred in action films in the past including 'The Way of the Gun' and 'MacGruber'. Yes, THAT 'MacGruber'. Watch it. 

USA Network has ordered five other pilots for 2016 premieres and we will have to wait until then to see if this is a success. Has enough time passed for us to see this character again or does anyone care either way? We'll know next year if fans take a liking to this iteration or if it will be cancelled quickly and forgotten.