Latest 'Triple 9' Trailer Shows Off Some Explosive Drama, Stacked Cast

John Hillcoat is set to return to theaters this February with 'Triple 9', an action/drama following a group of criminals and corrupt cops who look to use the murder of another officer as a distraction for a bank heist they set up. The latest trailer has just dropped and while it may come across as somewhat generic, the talent involved here has more than piqued my interest. 

Normally, a February release date attached to a generic trailer like this one, filled with gritty urban cop drama shtick would leave me uninterested but that isn't the case this time around. Hillcoat has proven himself as a director with the previous films of 'The Proposition', 'The Road' and 'Lawless', all showcasing his ability to develop interesting characters that populate a world of dramatic tension with a dash of action thrown in for good measure. He looks to do this again with a film that doesn't look unlike Ben Affleck's 'The Town' in terms of tone and content. That isn't a bad thing as Affleck's film is phenomenal in my book and not a bad template to mirror. 

Hillcoat's film will be filled in with the talents of Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr. and plenty more to boot. All of this sounds great to me especially Winslet who is unrecognizable in the brief glimpses that we've been treated to thus far. The only unknown factor is the writer Matt Cook who has no other released works to date when it comes to feature films. With many on the books to come out in the next couple of years, it's clear that he has caught the eye of someone in the ol' Hollywood and hopefully that's for good reason. 

'Triple 9' hits theaters on February 26 and will hopefully turn the trend around of this being a dumping ground for low-quality films. Look back here as more footage and news become available.