The Second Trailer For 'Captain America: Civil War' Is Here! Say Hello To Your New Spider-Man

'Captain America: Civil War' has been described as The Avengers 2.5 with the stacked cast that will appear and this latest trailer further enforces this idea. Thor and Hulk are the only notable absences (for the most part) and they are replaced with both Black Panther and the latest iteration of Spider-Man, both being new to the MCU. 

While this film is jokingly referred to as an Avengers flick, Captain America is the centerpiece and this trailer gives a little more insight into what splits these groups apart. We see some more spectacular action and a few more glimpses of Black Panther/T'Challa, in and out of his awesome costume. There's a possible tease of a character death and an awesome shot of Ant-Man jumping off of one of Hawkeye's arrows but the real buzz from this trailer will be about Spidey. 

This is our first glimpse of Tom Holland in costume and it's pretty stellar. It brings us both our first look and a little but of humor in what would otherwise be a dour trailer. Spider-Man is introduced by Iron Man as he flips over Cap's head, steals his shield and webs his hands together. The most notable characteristic gathered from this admittedly short look is that there appears to be some Stark tech in Spidey's suit in the form of lenses in the mask. Time will tell. 

'Captain America: Civil War' opens on May 6th in the states and we'll see Tom Holland in his own Spider-Man flick in July of 2017.