Netflix Teases Final Costumes For Daredevil, The Punisher And Elektra In Latest 'Daredevil' Season 2 Poster

We're only days away from the second season of Netflix's 'Daredevil' but the goodies are still rolling in. With a couple of sweet trailers already released as well as some promo images, Netflix and Marvel have decided to tease the final costumes for the main trio in the latest poster for the sophomore outing. 

Each of these characters appear to have outfits that are at least somewhat tactical and at least partially rooted in their source materials. We see Mr. Castle wearing what appears to be a bullet-proof vest with his signature white skull painted on it. This image has not been shown in previous promotional material and has yet to be seen in any of the trailers so this may tease his final look or it may be for the poster only. Castle also appears to be a little worse for wear with some cuts across the face teasing the inevitable brawl between him and Matt Murdock. 

'Daredevil' himself doesn't appear to be radically different from what we saw last season, although that glimpse was fairly brief coming in the finale. We see some red and black spread over him in what appears to be some sort of kevlar-like material that we saw Kingpin use in his suits last season. The classic design is also stuck to here with the horns featuring prominently on his helmet. Nothing too exciting here but this costume is starting to look less goofy to me which is quite welcome. 

Lastly we have Elektra Natchios who is probably the least known out of these three but no slouch at all when it comes to ass-kickery. She appears to have a somewhat tactical outfit herself with a balaclava up to top for privacy's sake and only a minimal amount of skin exposed which is welcome. While I'm all for beautiful ladies on my television, a lot of comic book costumes don't translate to live-action with their overly sexualized designs. The second trailer released shows off a little bit of the team up between DD and Elektra that we'll be seeing and she seems to have no problem holding her own. 

Season 2 premieres on March 18th so bust out your credit cards if you're some sort of weirdo who doesn't already have a Netflix subscription.